5 Smart Tips For Managing Your Airbnb 150% more effectively

As an Airbnb host, you have a lot to do. Right from managing the bookings and cancellations, to handling guest requests, complaints and writing reviews, your role is more extensive than you know. Since most of these tasks cannot be avoided or delayed, how can you do things better? In this post, we have 5 incredible Airbnb property management tips for help.

  1. Set your financial goals. What would you prefer the most – effective prices for better occupancy or high prices but limited guests? Or are you interested in long term rentals, so that the management tasks are minimal? Consider your financial objectives, and chalking out a plan will be easier.

Can you manage multiple accounts? If you don’t want to be trapped in Airbnb regulations, you might want to have separate accounts for different listings. However, do note that Airbnb is smart to know that you are using the same IP for accessing accounts, so be careful about the log in and log out timings.

  1. Schedule your work. Your first job after opening the account is to check for bookings and cancellations. Next, you need to check if there are requests and complaints that need immediate attention. Finally, make time to write Airbnb guest reviews.
  1. Consider hiring a manager. If you have other businesses and don’t want to handle the hassles of managing your Airbnb listings, you can always hire a manager. However, property managers can be expensive, so get ready to pay a big salary every month.
  1. Get vacation rental software. Regardless of the number of listings or properties you have, using vacation rental software like AirGMS can be extremely handy. You can do most of the things on an automated mode and save your precious time.

What to expect from vacation rental software solutions?

There’s no denying that management software for Airbnb listings comes for a price, but considering the amount of work you can automate, the price is worth paying. Some software solutions (AirGMS, for example) are designed specifically for Airbnb, and you can expect to get deep integration for multiple accounts. Everything will be sorted together on a simplified dashboard, and you will get regular notifications for guest messages, bookings and cancellations. In addition, the software also offers templates, so that you don’t need to write guest reviews and messages from the scratch. With rental management software, you can automate the regular things and tasks, and when you are not around, the software can send automated responses according to the settings. Additionally, you can get automated notifications on your phone and system, so that things requiring your attention are attended in time. As expected, you would be more communicative and accessible to your guests too.

Airbnb hosts should try to automate what they can, because managing listings without support can be a complicated task. As your business grows and you continue to get more bookings, you would have more things to do, and with vacation rental software, you can effectively manage the varied aspects, without doing all the tasks manually.