Multiple Airbnb Listings: Follow This Guide For Easy Management!

If you have more than one listing on Airbnb, you have to find easy ways to manage each. In some cities and regions, rentals are always on demand. For most owners, occupancy is an important factor, but the approaches can be different. For example, some property owners prefer long term rental agreements that are free of additional hassles, while there are others, who don’t mind the efforts in managing new bookings each day. Regardless of your financial goals, you must find ways to manage your property listings in an effective way. Here are some of the best Airbnb tips for you.

Know your options

Airbnb has reserved the right to cancel a listing to their discretion, which can mean bad news to some property owners. If you have many properties or manage things for property owners, you have two basic choices. The first approach is to make a new account for each of the listings, which can be time consuming but ensures that the regulations in your city don’t create a mess in your income. Since the reviews on each listing will be independent, you don’t have to worry about a domino effect from these reviews. The second idea is to have a single account for all listings. Here, the ratings for one property can matter for others, as well, but the whole process of management is much easier. However, too many properties may denote that you have a commercial venture, and therefore, Airbnb may have special rules for the same.

Do your research

First things first, get your basics right. Take time to read the norms and current rules, which change from time to time. Airbnb is otherwise a very stable and transparent platform, but you have to find ways to increase your rental income using the right ideas. There are many posts online on ways for this topic, but before you implement these suggestions, make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions of Airbnb services.

Get additional help

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about vacation rental software. These software solutions are designed to help property managers and owners in a more specific way, with features that allow easy management and integration. Before you select any vacation rental software, you must check the features in detail. Ideally, the software should be easy to use and must have an effective interface, so that novice users have no issues in managing their listings. Most companies will offer videos and demos for their software options, which can be handy. Also, check if the software will consolidate the inbox for all listings and offers a calendar for quick checks. Some of the advanced ones also send regular notifications, besides offering things like templates.

Airbnb listings can be managed easily with a good software solution, so make sure that you check the features before comparing prices. Also, you might need some additional support from the concerned company, so contact them to find the assistance they can offer for integration and other issues.