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Why Should You Use an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your Commercial Property?

Working with a real estate agent is not always a pleasant experience. Agents can be pushy and often require a high commission. Selling or letting your commercial property through an online property listing service offers several important advantages compared to working with a traditional agent.

Start Creating Your Property Listing for Free

Getting started with an online listing is easy as well as free. You can create your free account within minutes and begin uploading your supporting documents in no time at all. This is a convenient method for creating a property listing without the need to work with a pushy real estate agent.

If you want to enjoy additional benefits, online companies provide several different packages. This includes a marketing package with extra listings on popular real estate portals. The professional package adds agent negotiation and access to a marketing board.

No Hidden Fees or Expensive Commission

The average real estate commission is between four and six percent for commercial properties. Depending on the value of your property, the agent may collect a sizable commission.

Selling your commercial property with Virtual Commercial is more cost-effective than working with a traditional agent. There is no commission or hidden costs. You simply pay a fixed fee for the listing package you choose.

Advertise Your Property Listing on the Top Websites

There are several major real estate listing websites that people regularly use to find available properties in their area. After creating your property listing through an online company, your listing is advertised on these top sites.

When working with a traditional agent, you may need to pay for your own advertisement. If your agent does advertise your site online, they may only use one or two of the top sites, while online agents place your listing on a wide selection of the most popular real estate listing websites.

Receive Enquiries from Potential Buyers 24/7

A traditional agent works standard business hours and may not be available to take enquiries during odd hours. With a property listing through an online company, team members are available to take enquiries from prospective buyers every hour of the day.

Your online listing is sure to get noticed and you never have to worry about missing an enquiry. When people view your listing online, they can make an enquiry instantly.

You Get Professional Support Throughout the Process

Using an online property listing company to list your commercial location is an easy process. However, if you need any help during the process, professional support is available.

You do not need to rely on a traditional agent to sell your commercial property. Instead of dealing with high commission rates, questionable agents, and limited advertising, consider the advantages of online listings through a virtual real estate agent. Easily create your listing and begin advertising on popular real estate sites.