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Would Skylights Brighten Your Day (and Your Home)?

If you’re looking at houses for sale Parker CO is a fantastic place to begin and end your search. Once you find your home, though, you have to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to change. Along with changing cabinets and adding landscaping, consider whether skylights would be a good addition. These extra sources of illumination can be energy efficient, but they also have their quirks.

Light Without a Window

A skylight allows you to have natural light and avoid using electric lights in a room that doesn’t have a window, such as a bathroom. A skylight can be installed in most places around your home, so if there’s a hallway or storage closet that you’d like to illuminate without increasing your electric bills, a small skylight could be an option. Note that the light from a skylight that uses opaque glass (so no one climbing around on the roof can see in) can have an oddly muted effect, but it is usually still bright enough for you to clearly see what you’re doing.

Utility Bill Effects

The placement of the skylight can have a beneficial or adverse effect on your heating and cooling bill. A clear-glass skylight placed on the south or west side of a sloped roof can make the room seem much warmer on very sunny days. That’s wonderful in winter and could cut down on your need for heating. But in summer, it could increase the need for air conditioning. One way to mitigate this is to install shades that let you block out direct light; you might also want to add window film to reduce heat transmission.

The size of the skylight will also have an effect. A small, plastic-covered skylight used mainly to funnel light into a dark room might not have much effect on your bills, other than reducing your need for electric light. A large skylight that you can open to provide ventilation — and which can give you a handy cross breeze in rooms that originally had only one window — may reduce your cooling needs even further.

Installation and Sealing

Skylights do require cutting through the ceiling and roof. The glass or plastic used in the skylight must be sealed well to avoid leaks, and periodic inspections to ensure all is well are advised. It would be a good idea to look specifically for impact-resistant glass or plastic to reduce any concerns around hail.

In terms of new houses for sale Parker CO offers a wealth of options, and some of the houses may already have skylights. If you decide to buy one that doesn’t, skylights can be a good addition depending on their size, location, and insulation factors. Your real estate agent can help you reach an informed decision.